Steakhouse Saloon Musical Revue
Locally Owned and Operated for over 30 Years
Black Bart's Steakhouse, Saloon, & Musical Revue
Take out - steakhouse in Flagstaff, AZ
A Fun Family Show
Featuring the
Black Bart Singers in a nightly
Musical Revue
with Standards,
& Singing Waiters
Steaks Worth Leavin' Home Fer
Home of Great
Oak Broiled Steaks,
Chicken, Ribs
& Seafood
Midwestern Beef Aged
& Cut right here on
the premises

Dinner and a Show in Flagstaff, AZ

Locally owned and operated for over 35 years, Black Bart's Steakhouse, Saloon, & Musical Revue in Flagstaff, AZ offers a truly unique dining experience. Each evening the talented wait staff perform on stage in a Musical Revue, including songs from Broadway, Disney, 60s and 70s, and much more! Black Bart's serves only the highest quality mid-western corn-fed beef; hand-selected for superior marbling, size and age, ensuring rich flavor and tenderness, oak-broiled to perfection! Other entree choices include BBQ chicken or baby back ribs, juicy burgers, salads, pastas, salmon and shrimp. Great for special occasions like birthdays or an anniversary, or to just have a fun night out with the family in a unique and unforgettable setting! Reservations recommended.

Black Bart's Steakhouse, Saloon, and Musical Revue
begins seating nightly at 5pm

The Musical Revue begins nightly at 5:30pm.

We are located at I-40 and Butler Ave in Flagstaff, Arizona, across the street from Little America Hotel. View a map and additional contact information.

Tonight's Specials

Specials updated 11/3/2017 1:00pm
Specials are subject to change at any time


Bone-In Ribeye 38
A Premium 16 oz. Bone-In Ribeye grilled to perfection over our open oak fire and served alongside Sautéed Broccoli and your choice of side!

Sautéed Broccoli
Sub 1
Side 4.5


Hopzeit Autumn IPA
Deschutes Brewing Co.
Bend, OR

Bart's Hot Apple Crisp
A twist on hot apple cider: CaskWerks Apple Pie Liqueur and E & J XO Brandy are balanced with hot water and garnished with a pinch of nutmeg and a cinnamon stick—perfect for the cooler weather!
Sterling Celebration Red Blend 2011
Gls 9
Btl 36



In 1976, Lee & Ora Pedrick acquired the 11-acre Black Bart's Recreational Vehicle Park at 2760 East Butler Avenue in Flagstaff. The building that is now the restaurant was then a recreational facility for the park. In 1979, the Pedricks decided to open a steakhouse utilizing the talents of NAU students as singing servers to entertain customers. The students' response was so great that plans were immediately formulated to build and open the adjoining Old West Theatre, where the Black Bart's Vaudeville Show & Old West Melodramawas produced for 11 years, through the summer of 1990.

In 1991, it was decided to discontinue the Old West Theatre and replace it with a more comprehensive Musical Revue that continues today. The wall between the steakhouse and the theatre was removed, creating a much larger restaurant which provided better facilities for a greater number of people to enjoy our unique blend of food and entertainment.

On January 2nd, 1992, a tragic plane crash claimed the lives of Lee & Ora Pedrick.

Black Bart's Steakhouse has continued operation with its ownership in the hands of the Pedrick Family Trust, and carries on its tradition of great food and entertainment in the same manner Lee & Ora designed. It remains our goal to create a living memorial to their memories and dedication.
Charles E. Boles
Charles E. Boles - Steakhouse in Flagstaff AZ
Charles E. Boles was born Charles Earl Bowles, but later changed the spelling of his name to "Boles." He was also known as Charles Bolton or C.E. Bolton, but was, of course, best known as Black Bart or Black Bart the Po8. He is known for robbing Wells Fargo stagecoaches in northern California and southern Oregon from 1875 to 1883.

Black Bart robbed only Wells Fargo stagecoaches. Masked, he would jump in front of the coach, point a 12-gauge shotgun at the driver, and demand the strong box in a deep, resonant voice. He never fired a shot, never hurt anyone, and never robbed the passengers in the coach. After his capture in November 1883, it was discovered he never even loaded the gun.

After being captured, Bart was sentenced to 6 years in San Quentin prison, but was released after 4 for good behavior. Upon his release, Bart was asked if he'd go back to robbing stagecoaches. Bart said he was through with crime. Bart then returned to San Francisco, where he lived for a month, then disappeared without a trace in February 1888.

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Although we live in California's Central Valley, we visit Flagstaff to see family each year. By far, my favorite thing to do in Flagstaff is have dinner at Black Bart's.

The main attraction is the music, of course. I love that the servers all sound stage-ready. (We asked once- they have to audition for the job as well as interview!) They perform songs from musicals, and will even take requests. The music is amazing, but the food is superb as well. Salads are fresh and crispy, biscuits are served hot with honey cinnamon butter, and the main courses are served to order. The wait staff are friends and attentive, even though they sing songs in stern service. Come and stay awhile- you'll love it.
- Julie P.